Cardinham & District Gardening Club

Annual General Meeting

7.30pm Monday 17th January 2022, Cardinham Parish Hall

1. Apologies for absence                                            5.Treasurer’s Report

2.Minutes of last AGM ( January 11th 2021)       6. Elections of Committee & Officers

3. Matters Arising                                                      8. AOB                                       

4.Chairman’s Report                                                  9. Close

Cardinham and District Gardening Club

Annual General Meeting

held on 11 January 2021 via Zoom

The meeting was chaired by Libby Pidcock. Fifteen members of the gardening club took part over Zoom. 

Libby welcomed everyone to the meeting which was under very different circumstances to last year’s.

Apologies:  Penny Bull, Di Wells, Sarah Holmes, Margaret Bate, Rosemary Rowe, Geoff and Hilary Nicholson

Minutes of last year’s AGM had been emailed to members prior to the meeting. 

Matters Arising:  Amendment made to the spelling of Sue Crier’s name (apologies from Lorna).  There were no other matters arising therefore the minutes were agreed to be correct and Libby could sign them.

Treasurer’s Report:  Loveday had emailed a copy of the end of year accounts to club members. The NatWest bank balance stands at £278.56.

Loveday explained there was a reduction in the number of paid up members, only 48 in 2020, probably due to the Covid 19 pandemic and no club meetings being held after March 2020.  General income was down due to raffles and other fundraising not being able to take place.

It had been agreed at a previous committee meeting not to collect subs this year as the club events had been greatly curtailed.

Later this month approximately £233 will be paid out (New Website £99.60, Cornwall Garden Society £22.50, RHS Affiliation £35, Public Liability Insurance £75) leaving the Club’s bank balance very low. Loveday thanked Sue and Peter Crier for not charging (£20) for the printing of the club’s programmes.

Loveday went on to report that a new member had donated £100 to the club and some members have agreed to pay their subs or give a donation which was very much appreciated.  With this income Loveday said that after January’s outgoings the club will be self-sufficient as we will not have to pay for use of the Parish Hall or for any speakers until September. It is planned to do some fund raising on 14 May 2021 at the Club’s visit to Tony Ryde’s garden.

The accounts were proposed by Susan Edward-Collins and seconded by Lorna Stidston and unanimously accepted by the committee.

Libby thanked Loveday for all her work keeping the club’s finances in order.

Chairman’s Report:  Libby had emailed her report to club members.  Libby said it had been a hard year from March 2020 onwards with no meetings.  All being well our first get-together in 2021 will be at RHS Rosemoor on 14 April 2021 followed by a visit to Tony Ryde’s garden in May.  There is something booked for every month and the new programme will be distributed to members and it can also be found on the garden club website.

Cardinham School Garden

Dear Gardening Club Member

The grounds at Cardinham Primary School are not extensive, which is why it is important to maximise the use of every foot for the benefit of our children’s learning, and there is one area of the grounds which we would like to make better use of.

We would like to develop this area into a space that can be accessed and used year-round and provide a range of experiences, including the provision of a sensory garden where pupils can touch, taste and smell the plants and investigate the wildlife that it attracts. With the addition of a space to grow fruit and vegetables, we believe we can create a space which will enrich our pupils’ learning and expand their understanding of the natural world on their doorsteps. Furthermore, we aim to provide a space for play – to make dens, or to sit quietly, or for teachers to hold outdoor lessons.

To achieve this, we would really appreciate any help that you feel you might be able to give us:

  • Do you have any expertise with garden design or plants that you could offer?
  • Could you donate some time to help with the building, digging and groundworks?
  • Do you have equipment, tools or machinery that might help?
  • Could you donate plants or construction materials?
  • Could you help us fundraise?

We really would appreciate any help and ideas that you have to offer and we feel that this would be a great project to bring the school, village and gardening club community together.

If you would like more information or if you would like to volunteer any help please could you contact myself Claire Smith on behalf of the school by email or by phone or text on 07794 054717

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Claire Smith

30th Anniversary Tea on July 23rd 2021

Margaret Bate cutting the cake
Katrina’s beautiful cake
Lorna and Loveday behind Filipendula venusta
Members sharing the fun
Tony’s sculpture joining in

Old News

Our AGM was held on: Monday January 11th at 7.30pm.

Cardinham & District Gardening Club

Annual General Meeting Monday 11th January 2021, 7.30 pm, on Zoom


  1. Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of AGM, 13th January 2020 (attached)
  • Matters arising
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Election of Parish Hall rep
  • AOB, Website update
  • Close

Chair’s Report 2021

Welcome to our AGM on Zoom, certainly not how we envisaged our meeting a year ago when we met in those halcyon days before Covid!  I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to a much easier and healthier 2021.  Thank you for continuing to support the club. One thing about gardeners is that we have to be optimists, otherwise why would we spend so much time and energy doing things that we only hope will result in wonderful additions to our gardening space?

I am sure, like me, you have few regrets at the passing of 2020, and as a club we managed only to get together for three of our planned  meetings, but they were all well worth waiting for.  Luckily the speakers, who were cancelled  last year, have been willing to re-schedule for 2021, so we look forward to talks from: Sir Robert Owen, Chair of Cornwall Garden Club, Jane Hampton who will talk about growing plants for dyeing and a special Christmas quiz evening with Becky Martin.

As you will know we have cancelled all meetings until April 14th  when we kick off with a self-drive visit to RHS Rosemoor.  Hopefully by then we will be able to share lifts to this lovely North Devon garden, which always has some delights and inspiration.  We will not be asking for subs this year, but our meeting on May 14th at the kind invitation of Tony Ryde, will be something of a fund raiser and also a celebration, a year late, of the club’s 30th anniversary.  There will be a celebration cake and a special raffle, as well a chance to look around this beautiful valley garden.  Our other visits are to three NGS gardens in Hemyock, Devon, Lethytep and a garden safari around members’ gardens.   The summer season, will be rounded off by our Annual Fruit and Vegetable Show.

It all sounds marvellous and hard to believe at the beginning of our third lock-down, that any of this will happen, but I am sure it will and like our gardening we have to trust our efforts will pay off and continue to be optimistic.

As Loveday has made clear there will be no subs this year, but if anyone would like to contribute part or all they would have paid it would be a great help to our depleted funds.  If you wish to do so please contact Loveday direct at .

Thank you so much for your continued support and for taking part on Zoom.  All being well next year’s AGM will see us back to a bit more ‘normal’!

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on

Monday 13 January 2020 at the Cardinham Parish Hall

The meeting was chaired by Libby Pidcock.  There were approximately 40 people in attendance.

Apologies:  Katrina & Tim Smith, Rosemary Rowe, Tony Ryde, Claire Woodbine and Jane Hampton

Minutes of the 2019 AGM had been circulated to club members prior to the meeting and therefore were not read out.

Matters Arising  An adjustment was made to the wording in the ‘Any Other Business’ section where it said the garden club was created over 40 years ago, the words over 40 years ago were deleted. This was signed by Libby before signing the complete AGM Minutes as a true record of the meeting.  There were no further matters arising.

Chairman’s Report – (full report attached) Libby welcomed everyone to the Gardening Club and thanked them for coming out on such a stormy evening.  The Club continues to have approximately 60 members which is a good number.  The talks, six in total for the year, have been well supported.  During the spring and summer months there were 3 visits to gardens plus the annual social evening.

The annual show was very successful with plenty of entries but the afternoon was not well supported and many entrants did not return to see how they had fared which was disappointing.  Before the next show the club must think how it can improve the afternoon section.

Libby ran through the programme of talks and visits for the coming year.  Regarding the garden visits and to assist in booking the right sized coach/mini bus a form was being circulated for members to add their names if they were interested in going.

Libby thanked the dedicated team who helped with the planting up of the Morrison’s roundabout in Bodmin.  The plants are getting established now.  Also five hundred daffodil bulbs were planted in the autumn which should give a very cheery show this spring.

Libby thanked everyone for their work and support with the club especially to Loveday for keeping the finances in order and other members of  the committee and reminded members that it is their club and to please let us know how we can improve to make it better for everyone.

Treasurer’s Report – Loveday had circulated copies of the Club’s income and expenditure for the year and gave an explanation about these.

Loveday pointed out that the plants for the roundabout had been donated by Bodmin Town Council.

Election of Officers & Committee – Libby had not received any nominations for election to the committee.  Libby said she was prepared to stand as chairman for another two years but gave notice that she may stand down after that.  Susan Edward Collins proposed Libby to continue as Chairman and this was unanimously agreed by the membership.

Susan Edward-Collins proposed Loveday as Treasurer, and this was agreed by the membership.

Susan Cryer proposed Lorna Stidston as Secretary, this was seconded by Penny Bull, and this was agreed by the membership

As the current committee were prepared to stand for the next 2 years Libby asked for a proposer to vote them en bloc. Gill Thomas proposed this and Lizzie Smart seconded this, all were in favour.

Committee Members are:

Libby Pidcock – Chair, Loveday Sutton –Treasurer, Lorna Stidston – Secretary, Gill Bate, Penny Bull, Susan Edward-Collins, Katrina Smith, Tony Ryde, Claire Woodbine.

There are two to three committee meetings a year to plan the schedule of events and the annual show.

Any Other Business – the Garden Club had been approached by Carol Randall from Bodmin who has managed to secure a 6 month contract for a minibus to be used by the community.  The Garden Club is welcome to make use of this minibus if someone from the club was willing to drive.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.55pm.

Signed …………………………………………………………………………….. Date ……………………………………………

Old news – October 2020

Our committee met recently on Zoom and there are quite a few matters to share with you:

  1. There will be no face to face meetings of the club until April 14th next year, when we hope to re-run the trip to RHS Rosemoor, which we had to cancel last April, this will probably be a self-drive trip. This will be followed by a series of garden visits until the Annual Flower & Vegetable Show, on September 4th after which we hope to hold talks as usual for the rest of 2021.
  2. The AGM will be on Zoom, on January 11th at 8pm. All documents will sent out electronically and all members invited to join. We are not due for elections so it should be straightforward.
  3. Next year will be 31st anniversary of the club and we hope to celebrate with a picnic and bubbles, in a garden in May. I am sorry we missed our 30th this year, blame the pandemic!
  4. We will not be asking for subs next year, as this has been such a disaster in terms of club events. Subs will be reviewed at 2022 AGM.
  5. The programme will be available as usual after the AGM in January, we have some great visits and talks planned, so fingers-crossed they will go ahead.